Port of NOLA

Omega custom manufactured panels to fit an 8 degree curve transitioning into tangent track for a major port in the south central U.S. Our engineering staff worked closely with the engineer and railroad contractor to design and provide layout drawings with tie spacing, panel station dimensions, and  other critical information.

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Must see Curve Omega Panels

Omega custom designed lag down precast railroad crossing panels for this 10 degree curve grade crossing at a manufacturing facility in Louisiana. We met with the railroad contractor at the jobsite to field measure the track structure to determine the degree of curvature. Omega manufactured the panels to fit the degree of curve, rail size [...]

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Turnout project

Omega custom designed and fabricated these lag down precast panels including a metal wedge section for a #8 switch at a lumber facility in NE Texas. We worked closely with the railroad contractor in field measuring the track structure for an exact fit along with providing engineered layout drawings for tie centers, bill of material [...]

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We are pleased to announce the opening of our 5th plant in SANFORD, North Carolina.  Last week was our first week of production and we are excited to be more accessible for our wonderful customers and are confident to  continue to produce quality products to meet the needs of the Rail industry.  Thank you to Bella for [...]

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